Technical Data

We spend most of our time in closed rooms: in the office, in shops or at home. Every day, the traffic, the industry and the emission sources emit tons of fine particulate into the air. Of course, this air also enters our living spaces, the shops, our offices, etc. In addition, there are dusts and food odours and much more. Sometimes, the air in closed rooms is more contaminated than the air at a street-crossing.

Our airvenue® provides fresh and clean air we should not do without.

Capacity of the glass container
of approx. 2 litres
Voltage on the device
12 V
(Not 220 -240 V on the device! The AC has already been reduced on the power supply unit!)
Power supply unit
Model number: NLB100120W1 U4S35
rotation speed
3.500 U/min
Electric tension of
12V DC
Colour gradient of
12 LEDs
1 -9 hours
Display of the room temperature
in °C
Air flow average level (source: Tinschtl AG)
11,63 m3/h (tested according to the norm DIN EN ISO 12569)
Scope of delivery
airvenue Air freshener
Power supply unit
Instruction manual
Sizes of
approx. 190 x 290 mm (W x H)
Weight of
approx. 1,6 kg

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